Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Marginally Better

Read no further if you want lurid sex posts today.

Having contracted whatever (seems very flu-like) in the herd of people at Star Wars Wednesday night (Paul suggests I blame George Lucas for my illness...maybe I will) I've spent the days intervening to now laid out in abject misery.

Why did this have to hit me now? This weekend was graduation weekend at the college, and parties were everywhere. Thursday night I had to turn down a party invite by Dusty because of the nastiness. Because I didn't want to risk making Denise or the baby sick, I slept downstairs on the sectional couch. Big mistake, super uncomfortable. Now in addition to illness pain, I had physical pain from poor sleep.

Friday: another lost invite; another night couched with no-one but my old Caballero Porn Movies (not on the sectional this time). Result: still sick, still achy. The other couch was better, but still bad.

Saturday I missed out on a graduation party with Chrissy, a get-together with Robert and a bar-hopping with Ian because of the illness...ugh. I hate knowing everyone is having a great time and I can't be there. This time around, I slept in Lash's bed and he slept in my bed with his mommy. Much more physical comfort.

Today, still miserable, but marginally better. Well enough to be up typing a lengthy post anyway. Well enough to plan on tackling that poem for curious pussy and maybe a couple blowjobs tomorrow.

The Buddhist portion of me calls for suffering...and I think I've filled my quota. Here's to hoping I get fullr recovered soon