Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Neither dead nor better

I realize I said I wouldn't be online again until better or dead, but thought some of you deserved an update and I could maybe post here a couple times, answer an email, etc. while I had a small amount of energy (which is to say I'm neither all better or dead).

The pneumonia antibiotic has me all messed up: the fatigue is more, I vomit up about 90% of what I eat and drink and I have a really unpleasant amount of squirting. The plus side is that it is working its slow magic: I'm breathing a little better.

This morning I had a second appointment with this doctor in order to follow-up on the treatment thus far and to go over the chest x-rays that were taken on Tuesday in order to guage just how bad the pneumonia is.

The pneumonia's bad enough, the x-ray showed something worse. There's an unidentified foreign mass in the upper portion of my left lung. I'll be having a chest CT on this upcoming Tuesday in order to find out if it can tell more about what the blacks on blondes mass is (and won't find out from the doc til I see him again on Thursday June 2nd). Right now, the hope is that the mass is something caused by the massive infection of walking around with pneumonia improperly diagnosed for so long. It's sure as sand my hope. There isn't a large familial history of cancer in my family; only one member was ever diagnosed: my maternal grandfather. So the risks from that end are low. The fact he had lung cancer doesn't help assuage my fears though.

Right now I'm really freaking out and trying not to show it in front of the kids or Denise.

Today they also decided that Denise should have the baby induced, and soon. Unless she goes into labour on her own before then, they'll be inducing the baby on Saturday morning.